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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ubuntu Backports

I just tried the Ubuntu Backports repository, I finally upgraded my Mono development environment. Everything seems to work just fine.

I also took this opportunity to upgrade Liferea and Drivel. In Liferea's case the main reason for doing this were it's frequent crashes (which seem to be gone now). The upgraded version of Drivel now supports Blogger.

During the upgrade process I did manage to install some weird dependancies, like libgcc1. I'm not really happy with that at all, but it'll do as a stop-gap solution, at least until Breezy has been released.

Also, Ubuntu's update manager went totally bonkers, it wanted to upgrade 'half' my system. I didn't agree. Anyway the story concluded with me having to remove the Ubuntu Backports repository from my sources.list.


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