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Friday, June 09, 2006

CorelDRAW! 9 Fonts

While going through my stuff the other day, I found an old student license of the CorelDRAW! 9 graphics suite. I popped in the CD and found a goldmine of professional fonts. Most fonts included with CorelDRAW! are from the Bitstream foundy (which also did the Vera fonts included with GNOME). Here's a short list of the Bitstream fonts:
All of these Bitstream fonts are properly hinted to produce good onscreen results when rendered with FreeType, the open source font rendering engine which is used by GNOME.

After inspecting the CorelDRAW! EULA I couldn't find anything prohibiting me from separating the Bitstream fonts from the rest of CorelDRAW! as long as I didn't have CorelDRAW! and/or the Bitstream fonts installed elsewhere.


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