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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Play TV® Legends Street Fighter 2®

Today I bought a Play TV® Legends Street Fighter 2® console. These things are just great. It's basically a downsized Sega MegaDrive (aka Genesis) with the cartridge slot removed and embedded games added.

Before buying the console I was a little weary of poor manufacturing, and cheap components. But as soon as I opened the packaging, I noticed the reasonably long controller cables (2+ Meters). The controller cables also had very thick insulation, which is a definite plus.

Another nice feature is that it can be powered by four AA batteries, as well as having a power inlet for use with an external power transformer.

The console has two games:
Both are fun to play!

Another thing I noticed was that the included controllers are really authentic. I can still remember them clearly. If I recall correctly the Sega MegaDrive was one of the first game systems to have ergonomic controllers.

I can seriously recommend it to anybody who's into retro-gaming.


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