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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Corbicula anti virus: status update

After porting ClamAv# from Mono.Posix to Mono.Unix I thought Corbicula should be ported as well, as this involved little effort.

The Results Dialog now actually deletes infected files when their toggle is toggled on. The delete algorithm isn't sophisticated, it needs more refining, but the groundwork is already done.

I also did some research on Gnome VFS to replace the Target TreeView population algorithm, Gnome VFS seems nicely implemented, but documentation is lacking. It seems that VolumeMonitor provides an array of currently mounted Volumes, this could easily be used to populate the Target TreeView. The VolumeMonitor also has some events like OnVolumeMounted and OnVolumePreUnmount to keep the Target TreeView dynamically up to date. Looks promessing!


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