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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

LinuxWorld 2005

I visited LinuxWorld 2005 in the Netherlands today. LinuxWorld was hosted simultaneously with InfoSecurity and StorageExpo, but the LinuxWorld part was really dwarfed by the InfoSecurity and StorageExpo parts. Generally most stands didn't have anything really interesting to offer.

I did take the opportunity to take my LPI Level 1 exams at LinuxWorld. Both the 101 and the 102 exam were very doable. I really need to acknowledge the fact that the LPI folks organized the LPI exams very well. They even had a can of water for everybody (included in the exam fee). I think I managed to pass 101, but 102 didn't go that well, I'll probably just make it, but I won't know for sure for 4-6 weeks. Bummer!
Near the end of LinuxWorld I ran into some other folks of the #ubuntu-nl channel on We had 'dinner' together:


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