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Friday, December 02, 2005

ASUS Radeon 9250 GE/TD 256MB

I received my Radeon 9250 yesterday, I did some simple benchmarks today, and results were a bit disappointing... I used a simple Quake 3 timedemo benchmark:
  • GeForce Ti 4200-8x (nvidia) @ 180 fps
  • Radeon 9250 (ati) @ 60 fps
  • Radeon 9250 (fglrx) @ X lockup
After doing some benchmarking in Windows, I came to the conclusion that the Radeon was about one third slower than my old GeForce, still the DRI drivers only attained about one third of the speed of my old GeForce. This means the DRI drivers only push the card to about 50% of it's potential.

Please don't get my wrong, the DRI folks are doing great work, the Radeon 9250 is a great card for the non-gamer, especially because it's works out of the box, without a need to install a proprietary driver on Ubuntu.


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