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Monday, January 09, 2006

ioq3build automation

Finally I decided to automate the build process to create my Quake 3 Arena tarballs, the shell script is available here. Make sure you have these dependancies installed before executing the script:
  • SDL(-dev)
  • OpenAL(-dev)
  • gcc, make, svn, zip
Make sure you understand what it does, the script
  • fetches the latest sources from subversion
  • compiles the sources optimized for i686 and up
  • deletes cruft from the release directory
  • strips the binaries
  • zips the qvm's as pakio.pk3
  • tarballs the whole shebang and drops the result next to this script
Note, if you have used my past builds, delete pak_icculus.pk3 from the baseq3 and missionpack directories.


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