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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

HP DeskJet 5940

The HP DeskJet 5940 is a mid range printer sold by HP and is properly supported by Ubuntu Breezy Badger through hplip.
One of the first things I noticed about the 5940 is that it's top cover which looks like aluminium, actually is made from metal! I had expected it to be metallic paint on plastic.

Printing is reasonably fast and the printer actually doesn't make a lot of noise!

The 5940 uses the new vivera ink technology which supposedly makes the ink last a century. The new ink cardriges are very easy to install, which is a definate plus! After installing a new cartridge, the 5940 automatically prints an alignment page before printing your first document, which is nice, but can be ennoying when it's using expensive photo paper to do so!

Most printers I've seen sofar were hard to operate (without the computer), the 5940 is a pleasant exception, the on/off button is clearly marked, is has two seperate low-ink indicator leds, an abort printing immediately button (at last!) and a paper feed/resume printing button.

Last but not least it features a PictBridge compatible USB port, which can be used to operate the printer using nothing but a digital camera. Paper sizes are automatically detected and 150mm X 100mm photo's can be printed borderlessly.

Please note that the 5940 lacks an onboard card reader, which in my opinion is a plus because my system already has a card reader and most printers also export this card reader to the USB of the connected system, which in my case would mean having eight Generic STORAGE DEVICEs, instead of the normal four...


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