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Monday, April 17, 2006

Corbicula anti virus: Doing Dapper

I fixed Corbicula to compile and run on Dapper Drake today. It only required two minor changes. First there has been a change in case of some method. Next it seemed the System reference wasn't implicit anymore, so I had to add that reference explicitly.

I also began working on a Scan Target called 'Other...' which opens een FileChooserDialog, which allows you to scan any directory you want instead of just the listed Scan Targets, initial work is done and the code compiles just fine, but somehow the code throws an exception because an empty string gets passed as Scan Target.

After looking over my code I noticed how inconsistent/sloppy I've been, I have some event handlers declared public and some private. After playing a bit with Stetic, it seems the way to go would be to declare them protected virtual instead.


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