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Sunday, September 18, 2005

24, The biggest Cisco commercial yet

I was watching episode 21 of 24 last night, and I noticed Cisco Systems, Inc. seems to be a major sponsor:

Chloe: How did this happen?!?
Chloe: Mr. Buchanon the network security module lit up.
Chloe: Someone on the outside is trying to jam our satelite servers.
Buchanon: Can't this be just a high network load?
Chloe: No, it's definately a denial-of-service attempt!
Chloe: What do you want me to do?
Buchanon: Did they do any damage yet?
Chloe: No, the Cisco system is self defending!
Buchanon: Alright, have one of your people use the security auditor tool, maybe it will leed us to Marwan's network.
Marwan: Is the warhead in place?
Terrorist: Yes, but we have a problem, I can't jam their satelite.
Marwan: You assured me you could handle it!
Terrorist: CTU must have just installed new software, this wasn't in place last week.

This is the most shameless way of promoting hardware I've seen yet. I hope this doesn't become a trend, this could really ruine commercial TV as we know it!

This makes me sad... very sad indeed!


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