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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Corbicula anti virus: GNOME VFS

It took me a while to understand how to work with GNOME VFS and VolumeMonitor, mainly because it took me a while to notice that VolumeMonitor is a singleton. After discovering that fact I've made some serious progress:

There still are some remaining issues:
First, the Pixbuf images are loaded straight from the filesystem using a hardcoded path to the 24x24 images, this probably isn't the way to go and will probably need fixing in the near future.
Second, there are still some entries left (which are scrolled out of sight), which need to removed from the Target TreeView in a proper manner.


  • Damn, this looks promising.

    Once Breezy is released and I have it up and running on my new second desktop pc with MonoDevelop etc.
    Explain me and Dennis how to use GnomeVFS and we will write a tutorial or something for it. Because you said there isn't any documentation on using it in with Mono.

    And I still think Progress de Bruijn is a appropriate name.


    By Blogger lgespee, at 23:36  

  • What about Productive de Bruijn?

    By Blogger Dennis Laumen, at 00:20  

  • sigh...

    By Blogger Pascal de Bruijn, at 15:40  

  • Nah, that could be easily mistaken for Brown production :)

    By Blogger lgespee, at 17:31  

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