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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nintendo GameCube

After buying a Play TV Legends Street Fighter 2, I quickly got into console gaming, finally I decided to buy a Nintendo GameCube (Platinum Edition), with Mario Kart: Double Dash included.

The GameCube really is an awesome console, it features an IBM PowerPC 750CXe processor at 485mHz along with an ATI* Flipper graphics chip at 162mHz. The GameCube is probably the last of it's era not the feature a harddrive and multimedia centre capabilities, this of course can be attributed to it's small size (which prohibit's it from having a full size DVD-ROM drive) and extremely cool design.

Along with the GameCube I acquired a (reasonably cheap) fake controller by Joellenbeck which seems very sturdy.

* Based on ArtX technology


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