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Friday, December 16, 2005

Corbicula anti virus: status report

It has been quiet on the Corbicula front lately, and to be plain honest development has stalled. Now that sounds like a bad thing, but it really isn't. Corbicula is feature complete right now, I don't plan on implementing extensive quarantine functionality which nobody uses anyway. When I say feature complete, please don't mistake this for 'done', because it really isn't. There are still some non-show-stopping issues left. They'll get fixed, eventually...

My packaging 'effort' has also ground to a halt, basically because I don't plan on creating an entire automake/autoconf instructure for something as trivial as Corbicula. The next release of MonoDevelop will feature a make like tool which uses the MonoDevelop Project file as it's input file, so I'll wait until then before creating proper packages.

In the mean time I've put a binary online here, to run it, please make sure you have Mono installed with gtk-sharp, gnome-sharp, gneme-vfs-sharp, gconf-sharp, glade-sharp, glib-sharp and gdk-sharp available. ClamAv also need to be installed with it's development files available (because Mono does late binding!).


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