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Saturday, February 18, 2006

SoftMaker's MegaFont XXL

One of Ubuntu's shortcomings is that it has very few good fonts. Recently this situation has been improved by Bitstream, a major font foundry. Bitstream's Vera is nothing short of brilliant.

But having one great font isn't exactly ideal. A small compay in Germany offers a solution, it's called SoftMaker's MegaFont XXL. MegaFont is a font pack containing 10k fonts of good quality. Most fonts are proper serif or sans serif fonts, many cheaper font packs contain loads of symbol and shareware fonts. Please note I said good quality, not excellent quality, many fonts don't have excellent hinting which makes them less then perfect for onscreen display at smaller font sizes, but all the fonts are great on printed on paper.

SoftMaker has excellent academic licensing available which makes this fontpack a real boon for students using Linux.


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