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Friday, October 14, 2005

Breezy, Beagle, Banshee, MonoDevelop

I managed to get Breezy properly installed today. It's been a blast! The install procedure now mounts existing NTFS drives by default and it has a progress bar while unpacking all the packages. USplash also rocks. They also managed to get in a new GNOME splash logo and a new default background, both of them are very nice.

After getting the import stuff set up, I managed to get Beagle running. It has been an enlightening experience to be able to search all your 'stuff' in matter of seconds. It doesn't seem to work with X-Chat logs, which is a shame, but not a big deal since it's actually still beta.
I also took a look at Banshee, and to be honest I was sold immediately, it has completely replaced Rhythmbox for my music playing needs. The only downside is that I still need to use The Sound Juicer to rip my music because Banshee's CDDB juju doesn't seem to work, but that point is moot anyway, Banshee doesn't give me enough control over the ripping process.

Finally I restored parts of my old homedir and started working on Corbicula again. I didn't get far. I managed to port Corbicula to the newer libraries which are supplied with Breezy, but before I knew it MonoDevelop hung itself and I haven't been enable to succesfully start MonoDevelop since...

[edit: I tried MonoDevelop and it just worked again, while having my issue I was starting MonoDevelop under high load, I probably wasn't patient enough]


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