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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Corbicula anti virus: steady as she goes

Today I did some more GNOME VFS juju. Now it adds and removes mount points automagically. Well actually, it doesn't, I confess, I cheated, it doesn't really add and remove anything, it's just that on a Mount and Unmount event the entire list is regenerated, but the user doesn't notice a thing. I did this mainly because dynamically adding and removing stuff was very hard to do, and involved lots of hard to maintain code, so I decided to make thing simple. Another positive side effect of regenerating the entire Scan Target ListView is that all the items in the ListView will always appear in the same order, no matter in which order they we're mounted.

I also managed to make a Flash screencast for your viewing pleasure. Please do remember Corbicula is still alpha software (at best).


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