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Friday, April 28, 2006

Dia Revisited

About a week ago a new version of Dia was released, after more than a year Dia 0.95 was finally there. The changes in Dia aren't really major when considering the invested work, but from a usability perspective the changes are quite massive. Dia 0.94 still uses the old GTK 2.4 FileDialog, which is old and just plain crappy, and it finally got replaced in 0.95 with the new and more usable GTK 2.6 FileDialog.

Another change, which personally affects me, is the updated Cisco icon set. The new Cisco icons are now colored, and look exactly like the icons used in Cisco literature. A simple sample:
I hope Dia 0.95 makes it into Dapper. But if it doesn't I've ported the Debian package to Ubuntu, you can download them here.

UPDATE: Please remove your ~/.dia directory after upgrading to Dia 0.95, if you don't you won't get all the new Dia features.


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